Everybody is Talking About Big Data.

2014-06-13 06.17.18Everybody is talking about it, everybody is saying that they will soon have a version ready that will utilize the heaps of data, which are piling up in databases around us. But what is actually possible to achieve with it? Some say EVERYTHING, others are a bit more sceptical and think:

it’s being paraded around as a magic bullet, raising unrealistic expectations that will surely be disappointed. – Cathy O’Neil and Rachel Schutt in “Doing Data Science”

In my opinion, Big Data can be used for many things, but like everything using statistic, you should remember that correlation does not imply causation – just because something happens just after something else, it does not imply that one is a reaction to the other. Manipulated correctly data can prove almost any thesis, and its contradicting thesis. It is exciting to search for patterns or structure in the sea of data, to seek out information which no man has seen before, but be careful and sceptical always, especially when the results are too good.

I think its interesting that people can analyse data and find that children performs better in school when they eat breakfast every day[1], but personally I am more into predicting things whether it is to recommend good books, predict earthquakes or finding pregnant women from they shopping habits[2], is incredible cool.

I have been working with recommendation systems, studied Machine learning at the university and I am now working with it. I will always try to collect new ideas and learn more, which I intend to write about here. Many can be also found in Danish here at QED.dk

My hope is that this blog can be a place for people to come and read new interesting posts on Big Data and Machine Learning, but also please add to the discussion in comments or as guest bloggers.

Thank you for reading this, hope to see you again!